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Stay calm, particularly when you talk with children about Ebola, experts say. The deadly disease, caused by infection with one of the Ebola virus strains that originate in Africa, has been all over the news, but it’s extremely rare in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in the United States.

Among the helpful things parents can do are maintain normal routines, be alert to any sleep or behavior changes and use it as a teachable moment to remind children of the power they have to protect themselves against illness, particularly colds and flu, which are very common at this time of the year: Cover your mouth when you sneeze; wash hands frequently and particularly before you eat; don’t share food or liquids with friends.

Here are tips from Dr. Nicholas Westers, a clinical child psychologist at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, and Dr. Donna Hamilton, a Pennsylvania-based pediatrician, who serves as vice president of communications for Fort Worth-based Artemis Medical Society for female physicians of color.

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