Artemis Medical Society Membership Benefits

Your investment in Artemis Medical Society is an investment in you.

Professional Development

Artemis Medical Society gives you the tools you need to navigate your career and life through educational webinars/programs and a national conference.  Members receive priority and discounts on national conference registration and other future events.

Build Your Professional Support Network

Artemis Medical Society’s online social media platforms provide you with access to a supportive global network of peers to help you throughout your career.

Member Resources

Artemis Medical Society provides you with webinars, access to a global network of peers, online social media based forum for discussions, online career opportunities postings, an upcoming members only area on the Artemis Medical Society website, launch of the Artemis e-magazine and a Artemis podcast.  All of these are designed to compliment your busy life and make it easy to access anywhere on the planet.

Member Rewards & Discounts

Artemis Medical Society is developing a series of member only rewards and discounts from corporate entities that value the work you do to keep America healthy.

These benefits outlined above touch on the amazing network of opportunities and sisterhood that Artemis Medical Society provides her members.  Together, we can continue to make an impact on our world and change the face of medicine.

Membership Information and Categories

Thank you for your interest in joining the membership of Artemis Medical Society.

Membership in Artemis Medical Society is open to female medical professionals or medical students. If you do not meet criteria for one of the MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES below you may not be eligible for membership at this time.


Please note that membership in Artemis Medical Society is based on a program year that operates from July 1 to June 30.  Financial support and renewal is based on this program year calendar.


Must have a minimum of a doctorate in allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic, or podiatric medicine from an accredited college or university as well as received a license to practice such medicine within the United States of America.


Have not yet achieved attending status but are in the process of trying to obtain such. This would include those who are in residency or yet to complete a residency program.


Must be enrolled in an allopathic, osteopathic, or naturopathic medicine degree program.


PLEASE NOTE:  The membership process for Artemis Medical Society will open again in May of 2016.



Please send any questions to: